Please note:
We will reply to an online reservation by e-mail. This mail will include our bank account details in Germany, as well as the rental amount due for the reserved bike.

IMPORTANT: The reservation is only valid after the transfer to our account AND our written confirmation.

If you do not know us, you may not agree with the handling of this service. However, this is the only way we can ensure that a bike will be picked up on the reserved date. We guarantee absolute reliability and seriousness.


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frame-> height:
S -> 160 – 168 cm
M-> 169 – 177 cm
L -> 178 – 186 cm
XL -> 187 – max. 196 cm
Note: If you would like to rent several bikes with different frame heights, you will unfortunately have to fill out a separate online form for each frame height.
Alternatively, please describe in detail in the message field below.
Minimum is 3 days for online reservations.
Travel cancellation insurance (15 Euro per Bike) – optional